Waniban Island, Mati2



aniban Island is a pristine uninhabited island situated about 25 kilometers from Mati City, Davao Oriental, in Mindanao, Philippines. Waniban Island is absolutely untouched with no accomodations or tourist amenities of any kind. Waniban Island is ideal for a day trip. You can hire a bunka motor boat from Cinco Masao Beach Resort which costs P1000 and you will be in this paradise within 20 minutes. Waniban is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, hiking and exploring. The Linsang Family who own the island take very good care of it and make sure it remains in its natural state. The only things visitors leave behind are their footprints. Make sure you bring food and drinks for a picnic, snorkel gear and a camera. Waniban is also great for an Island hopping trip that will enable you to visit Waniban as well as the other Islands that are nearbye.